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Quang Ninh Geoclassical

Mr. Thanh - a retired architect, owns a villa in Hanoi. He wants it to have the same colors as the first property and be a place where he can let his children live in the future. The desire for a simple but luxurious and modern villa is what Mr. Thanh want Moment architects to find solutions.


Neoclassic is one of the most popular housing architectural styles in Vietnam because of their luxurious, classy and timeless beauty. We have combined sophisticated, romantic European classics with modern, comfortable elements to meet living needs.


Our solution brings high symmetry and demonstrates balance and harmony in the overall architecture.

Using sophisticated decorative details such as moldings, patterns, pillars, domes,... bears the mark of classical European architecture. We use granite and high-quality paint to create luxurious and classy beauty.

After the design is completed, Mr. Thanh wants to have a 3D file to 3D printing and place it in front of the house. This is the product we handed over to Mr. Thanh.


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