Xanh Villa


Mrs. Huong




Hai Duong - Viet Nam




Xanh Villa

With the aim of peaceful and luxury space with large greenary, Mrs. Huong accents that this element is compulsory for the design. She have a strong feeling for trees and fresh atmosphere.


We designed the building like a box house with countless trees on the rooftop, bringing a fresh and relaxing atmosphere to the residents.


The surrounding gardens and spaces are surrounded by tranquility - green fences along with ponds and miniature landscapes within the villa grounds, which creates highlights and improves the ventilation.


Stone, wood, lightweight concrete, environmentally friendly and sustainable materials are integrated in the project. We designed the house with the main direction being South, a good direction in Hai Duong to help receive wind and natural light, in order to minimize the use of artificial energy.


In this project, what we want to convey is that we not only give Ms. Huong a beautiful living space. The owner and Moment want to deliver a message that contributing to protect the environment and creating a sustainable future for future generations are essentials for design projects.


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