Dunbar Coffee


Mr. Thanh




Bac Ninh - Viet Nam




Dunbar Coffee

To renovate a coffee-gallery building in Bac Ninh, on a central street, the investor wants a dedicated and sophisticated design so that the passersby feel luxurious and modern.


The rustic, intimate beauty of wood combines with the moderness and airiness of glass to create a cozy, gentle but yet sophisticated cafe.

The roof is the highlight as it slopes to both sides to attract attention and bring a spacious and airy feeling to the shop. This design, with a moderate slope, creates a balanced and aesthetic shape. In addition, the building uses painted wooden frames to create highlights for the roof.

The combination of glass and wood helps create a harmonious connection between interior and exterior space.


Using a wood-effect painting on the outside of the building and layers of LED string lights emphasizes the material transitions. We spent a lot of time studying the ratio of the string spaces and their lighting level.


The precision in the layout and calculation of every detail for exterior items can help Mr. Thanh visualize the space in best result. From the tables and chairs that Mr. Thanh wants to use, to the air conditioner heaters, we meticulously depict those details in the renderings.


The classic style of a coffee shop is never out of date, the important thing is the method, the layout of materials, shapes, and how it decorates the building spaces. That is our guiding principle for this architectural design.

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