Reflect Apartment


Mr. Huy




Ha Noi - Viet Nam




Reflect Apartment

Reflect Apartment, just like its name, is a duplex apartment filled with contrasts. The spaces in the apartment are repeated many times through the user's perspective. Mr. Huy, a person who loves reflection and opposition, wishes to have fantasy spaces, the feeling of “flying” into different dimensions.


Using glass, aluminum, and steel materials accents the contrast in the living room. The stone slabs at the table are accentuated with delicate patterns that decorate the space.


Mr. Huy - who loves drinking wine, wants to have a small wine cabinet in the living room to introduce to his friends the collection.


Despite the concept, we still take a good care at the function, the main objective of every design. The windows of the apartment face the South so Mr. Huy can observe beautiful sun rays and their projection on the white walls.


The kitchen surrounds the living room and dining area, which perfectly reflects the dynamic lifestyle of the owner.


This solution allows Huy to communicate continuously or watch movies while cooking. Since the space is zoned very conditionally, from any point of the room he can look over the entire apartment. Thanks to it, the interior space seems airy and integral.


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