Rose Room


Mr. Vicktor




Hoan Kiem - Ha Noi - Viet Nam




Rose Room

Located inside the Grand Hotel building in Hoan Kiem province, the investor Viktor wants a modern, high-class space, where he and the VIP guests can relax, gather and chat.


The main color tones in the room are red and white. They carry the “color” of roses, the theme of the room, which is investor's favorite. Red rose is a symbol of romance and intense passion. The red represents the welcome of the investor to the customers, while the white symbolizes royalty, nobility and power.


We posite the furniture and decor cleverly to widen the space through contrasting art. Also, they act as the background of the seating areas.


For elegance and harmony, we choose chandeliers, a good solution to coordinate light with surrounding space. Carpet is also a meticulous choice to raise the class of the room.


The old neoclassical sofa style using modern red color is a quite extraordinary combination. It creates a youthful look for the sofa set while still ensures the aesthetic of neoclassic. At the same time, we use sofas with strong and unique shapes to emphasize the space of the room.


Some views of the Rose room


Mr. Viktor is very satisfied with this design. He is comfortable and proud to show the Rose room to his friends.


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