Mom House


Mrs. Thuy




Ha Noi - Viet Nam




Mom House

Mrs. Thuy has an apartment in the suburb of Hanoi. She wants a place where her mother, the one loves her most, can reside happily. At first, this apartment was an empty room, without any design or furniture. She came to Moment for the service, and request a luxurious and sophisticated living room.


That’s the story of Mom House. A modest-area-floor apartment with optimal function spaces and aesthetic look is a common problem that the designer has to solve nowadays.


One of the solutions for the design is placing mirrors/glasses intentionally. They are used as “soft walls” to separate the living room and the kitchen, as well as a way to widen the apartment visually, allows the family members to interact with each other.


At the entrance, where you prepare to head out, it can be served as the space for you to adjust the hair and clothes.


Wood is a beautiful material, which can express luxury and elegance. Along with that, it also creates a feeling of warmth and hamony in the living space.


The kitchen, the soul of the flat, is observed through a glass.


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